The Dexateens/Songs

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Naked Ground
from the upcoming (soon) release Hard Wire Healing

Settle Down
Cardboard Hearts
from The Dexateens (Estrus, 2004)

Anna Lee
Red Dust Rising
from Red Dust Rising (Estrus, 2005)

The Estrus website has two more songs (Pine Belt Blues, The Closer) and a video for Elrod in the "Audio/Video" section.
The Dexateens Myspace page has two outtakes from Red Dust Rising up right now.

4track Dump
Here's where we'll put up new songs we're working on, or older stuff that might still be worth a listen.
3/28/06 kid
4/17/06 You're Gonna Love Me
5/13/06 The Battle and the Long Long Ballad of the Red Headed Girl (Evans)
5/21/06 The Art of Lies
6/18/06 Altar Blues