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Press Quotes

Red Dust Rising – Year-End Lists:
• #4 on WUSM’s Frontiers Top 50 of 2005
• Top 10 albums of 2005
• The Georgia Straight Top 10 albums of 2005
• Pacific Northwest Inlander “Our 59 Favorite Songs of 2005”

“…(Red Dust Rising) is easily my ‘most often played’ album of the year…the songs are incredible from the writing to the feel. ‘Devoted To Lonesome’ is #2 in the nation if there was any justice in Rock.”
Patterson Hood, Drive-By Truckers

“…gritty, hedonistic perfection.”
All Music Guide

“…the Dexateens produced a second album so gloriously ragged that it makes Crazy Horse sound like a bunch of tea-sipping toffs from the Sorbonne.”
The Georgia Straight (Vancouver)

“…the band’s second disk Red Dust Rising is its Beggars Banquet. Maturing without compromising, incorporating more prominent elements of blues, folk and C&W without scaling back the rock & roll, the Alabama quartet rambles and rolls its way through top-notch tunes…”

“…the best way to describe it would be if Black Flag kidnapped Gram Parsons and the Black Crowes showed up to pay the ransom…By far the best release I've heard yet in 2005.”
The Missoulian

“…best described as if Sonic Youth were from Mississippi instead of New York City…A great album that flawlessly captures The Dexateens as a grimy, sweaty, punk, rock and roll bar band. You can practically taste the cheap beer and feel the humidity of a hot summer Alabama night through the speakers. Fantastic.”

“It's the kind of record the Kings of Leon might make if they were a) talented, b) old enough to shave and c) not obsessed with the Strokes. And in these Gang of Four/Bloc Party dominated times, it all sounds refreshingly effortless too.”
Art Rocker (UK)

“…the Dexateens harness their South with some furious three-guitar punk-edged interplay and deceptively simple lyrics that are worth a listen…it strikes the same dangerous and inarticulate nerve, and it rocks harder than Yoknapatawpha County ever did. “
Baltimore City Paper

“Tuscaloosa, Alabama band The Dexateens combine rock, country and soul to make some freaked out, lowdown and dirty southern music. Imagine the Velvet Underground crossed with Skynyrd. Don’t miss this.”

“Their music blends the twang of Southern guitar rock with the stomp of garage and punk music. But the strength of the Dexateens comes from the urgency and sense of danger with which they perform.”

“The Dexateens rock like men on death row with nothing left to lose.”
Ink 19

“…the tracks on this album have a certain melancholy beauty that it's hard not to be touched by.”
Low Cut Magazine

“Aspiring local musicians would do well to study the recent work of The Dexateens...the band (has)...a respectable work ethic and a penchant for writing catchy, Southern-tinged rock 'n' roll tunes.”
Birmingham Weekly

“If you were making a soundtrack for your life so far – this song would have to be on it.
Dexateens – “Bleeding Heart Disease”… the whole album kicks major ass.”
From Here to Obscurity blog

“…they have managed to capture the sound of the south in a strangled and broken way. Southern flavored with a dash of punk spice…”

“Living legend, Tim Kerr, produced the Dexateens’ debut self-titled album…which steps out of the double-wide like a hard-line Uncle Tupelo, has a few drinks with Motorhead, Skynrd, and the Rolling Stones along the way.”

“A jarful of cowbell-heavy, banjo pickin’, Suthin’ blooze-rawk straight outta Alabama here. Like all great rock n’ roll gospel outfits, the Dexies stretch their faith healing arms wide enough to touch everybody.”

“Really, really solid album from start to finish by a band who seem to just get it. I bet they smoke live.” (Red Dust Rising – Top 5 of 2005)
Midnight Poutine, montreal blog

The debut self-titled album from The Dexateens is nothing short of explosive, in your face rock! With a debut album as brilliant and honest as this, we will definitely be hearing a lot more from Alabama rockers The Dexateens in the not too distant future.
4 out of 5 (Sell your mother if you have to...GET YOUR HANDS ON THIS RECORD!)

“The Dextateens describe their sound as “Black Flag-meets-Arkansas-‘skillet rock’“ and who’s to argue? It doesn’t matter much other than to say it’s all good. There’s enough skuzzy energy at work on these 13 songs to make the ride ahead plenty interesting.”

“I fuckin’ love it when a disc by a band I’ve never heard of crosses my player and plumb surprises the shit out of me. Very likeable and replayable stuff, with one of those friendly & familiar sounds that I just cannot quite place or adequately.”

“The Dexies got more of a shitkickin’ hillbilly beef rock thang going on, a roots-rock meets crash helmet Detroit thunderarama vibe…a potent punch of full moon rock n’ roll, with half a muddy work boot deep in the Allman Brothers ’75 camp and the other one, I dunno, wherever AC/DC hang out. Sin City, I think…I like…well, fuck, I just like it, man.”

“Sure to appeal just as much to the alt country set as the average garage rocker, this album is a triumph on many different levels. As likely to be played on mainstream radio as to be embraced by underground circles, The Dexateens have crafted an album that deserves to have its cake and eat it, too.”

“The Dexateens’ sound is still a lot more raw and dirty than (let's say) The Black Crowes and a hell of a lot more convincing than big budget hypes like Kings Of Leon.”

“It's just a great album which is all you could really ask for.”

“The Dexateens are four guys who take chunky riffs and tough southern rock, swing it wide with garage punk flare and land firmly in a category all by themselves.

“…the Dexateens come off as pros beyond their years and not pretentious fuckers. All in all, a stellar burst of blues and rock brought together for maximum indulgence. Kind of like a good ol’ barbecue with a secret spicy sauce. Yum, yum, give me some!”

“Southern-licked slow grooves with laid back singalongs, Red Dust Rising is something of a modern hillbilly masterpiece. Plaintive, soulful, well worth hearing again.”

“With the current commercial success of bands like Kings of Leon & My Morning Jacket, everyone should be primed & ready for the real deal…Red Dust Rising. Yeah, it damn well is.”

“Red Dust Rising is just good ol' rock 'n' roll, and that ain't too bad.”
What’s Up Magazine

“…Patterson Hood isn't the only one adding intelligent new wrinkles to the archetypical themes of Southern music…this music is "Southern by the grace of God" in all the best ways.”
All Music Guide

“…The Dexateens have created their own "Motorhead meets-southern-rock sound" much abused by bands like The Georgia Satellites and Jason and The Scorchers. Imagine The Stones cutting their teeth in Alabama and surrounded by primitive psychedelia and Garage bands and deciding two guitars aren't enough!”
Art Rocker (UK)

“I seriously think these guys are what The Stones would have sounded like had they been from Alabama. Hot, nasty, gritty, ass-sweaty real deal rock’n’roll…Alabama humidity mixed with whiskey and big amps can only result in earth shaking rock and roll. If ever there were a band that could put Estrus on the map, and make the big labels shake a little in their boots, the Dexateens are it.”